Dan Crawford, a Wedgwood member, has written a book detailing many of the events surrounding the shooting. Previously available in published book form (now out-of-print), the complete text is accessible as an Adobe Acrobat file (.PDF): Night of Tragedy, Dawning of Light.

We Remember…

Wedgwood Baptist Church is often remembered for the event that occurred on the evening of September 15, 1999. Just before 7:00 PM that evening a crazed gunman entered the building and interrupted a youth activity, a “Saw You at the Pole” prayer rally. He fired over 100 rounds from two different handguns, and exploded a homemade pipe bomb. Seven young persons were killed, and seven others were wounded before the gunman ended his own life.

In the event’s aftermath the victims’ families, friends, the church, and other people around the world have had to deal with their grief, struggle to recover from the terror, and have agonized again and again over the unanswerable question. “Where was God while all this happened?” On the related links below, Dr. Al Meredith’s sermon, “Where Was God?” is provided for your listening.

Through this tragedy we have gained a new understanding of what is meant when we say, “God is sovereign.” He was there during the shootings. He comforts us today as we grieve and as we continue to recover. Through trials He brings understanding; He strengthens our faith when there can be no understanding.

And through it all; in every tragedy, there is Hope, and His name is “Jesus Christ.”

Sermon from the Sunday after the shooting.

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