We have a rare opportunity this coming Sunday. We have the choir from Wayland Baptist University leading part of our worship time. It will be great to worship with them. We are using the songs Our God by Chris Tomlin, Forever Reign which is a Hillsong song, Oceans Will Part, and You Are Lord. and a medley of hymns in the first service as our tools for worship. Always, you can go to YouTube and find these songs if you wish to use them with your family worship time or be more prepared for congregational worship.
What is worship really about? Is it singing songs that move us? Is it singing our favorite song? Is it singing at all? True worship is the act of bowing down and honoring someone or something. The act of worshiping when talking specifically about the Lord is the act of honoring Him for who He is. He is Lord. He is King. But He is so much more than that. He is to be the first and foremost love of our life. It doesn’t mean you all need to be single like me and not have any other loves. The Commandment does not say have no other loves. It says have no other gods (or loves) before or above Him. So as we worship with song, whether the it is a song written yesterday or in the 16th century, the purpose behind the song is simply a tool to be used to honor Him. What makes our time of worship a rewarding one is not if we sing a favorite song, but rather did we put Him above all of other loves and sing to Him. Psalm 33:3 says to sing “to” Him. We can get hung up on the new song part of that verse and think there is an agenda when the verse is used. But the most important word in the verse is the simple word “to”. We are to honor HIm by speaking to Him. So I have a challenge for you. Analyze your worship time. When you open your mouth to sing, what is your motivation? Talk to you next week.

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