Inside The Music

March 16

Psalm 8 says O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth. This Sunday we will be singing a very familiar song to us Majestic. The entire song is built on Psalm 8. Take a few minutes with your family to read through Psalm 8 as you prepare to worship the Lord through this song. We are also singing the new song to us Mercy…as endless as the sea. Scripture says that He forgets our sin as far as the east is from the west, into the sea of forgetfulness. Mercy that never ends, that is new every morning is only from one source-God Himself. Another song we will be singing in the second service is I Adore You. As I have told you on several occasions, being a songwriter, I am always looking at single words and discovering what the deeper meaning is behind them. “Adore” means “my whole world”. As we tell our precious Lord that we adore Him, we are saying “Jesus, You are my whole world.” Take some to time on internalizing the word adore.

Last week we started talking about what worship really is. We talked about its real purpose is to honor God. Let me continue by saying that true worship is just about honoring God, but is connecting with Him. Sometimes we hear that songs of the church seem to be feminized. Let me give you some other way to look at the passion in the songs. They are truly about loving on Jesus. When we come with the mindset that worship is about honoring Him by singing to Him, and secondly about directly saying “Jesus, I love You” it changes our mindset of worship. Even if we are not a “romantic” at heart, it frees us to express our relationship with Him.

Next week we will talk about expression of worship. Love you…

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