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March 30 2014

We end our study on the core value of Wholehearted Dedication this week. When we hear the words giving and sacrificial in the same sentence, let’s be honest, our mind always goes to money. I am not sure I know one person that tithing has never been an issue. Of course it is or at the very least was at one time. It is not a natural thinking that we are to just give money away freely and not direct where it goes. And yet that is exactly where sacrificial giving starts. It is coming to the point that we offer it freely, cheerfully. Then we can talk further about giving so much it is downright scary.

So how does worship relate to sacrificial giving? Where do I start? First it is acknowledging God is able to take all that we give Him and return it to us 30, 60, 100 fold. But even if He chooses not to do that, we grow in our trust in and of Him that He always will make more of what we give Him than what we could ever do on our own. We start out this week with a song that the choir sings called “Time to Believe” by Dewitt Jones and Kim Jones. You can access the song on YouTube. The URL is We need to believe…again the starting point. Then it is about learning to give ourselves without reservation to Him in worship. We will sing Majesty Here I Am, and Jesus Paid it All…all to Him I owe.

Let’s talk about the object of worship with a capital “O”. Several of the songs this week are more statements of facts along with singing words to Him about how wonderful and marvelous He is. We all battle through a mountain of emotions when it comes to worship. It is hard for all of us to sever ties with songs we are emotionally attached to in order to simply open our mouths and make Him the object. We all have our biases on what we think are good songs, and if the object of worship is the song itself, we will never have agreement. But if our object of worship is Jesus Himself, then there is only one focus, and we all agree. That is the key to being wholehearted-all in and abandoned during worship. Till next week.

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