God at Work

One Thursday evening this past December, our post-abortion group, “Surrendering the Secret”, was getting ready for our balloon release, which signifies an act of surrendering our secrets up to the Lord. We decided to do our balloon release in the front yard because our host had decorated the yard so nicely with a manger scene.  So under the light of the manger and Baby Jesus, I started reading scripture to the women on how one day we will be meeting up with our children in God’s glorious Kingdom.  As the women released their balloons into the heavens, we all looked up and saw a shooting star.  To us, this was a sign that God was present with us and that our babies were safe in the King’s arms in heaven.  I conduct this class several times a year and each and every time I do so, more healing comes to me in a way that is unexplainable.  Praise the Lord for this class and all the women who have come to receive healing from our Savior!

–Debbie Bailey

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