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May 1 2014

Pastor Al begins a new series this week called “Kingdom Kids”. We are singing some very familiar songs to Wedgwood. “Glorious One” by Steve Fee acknowledges that Chris is the main focus of all that we as Christians are and do. Whether a person is 10 years old or 100 years old, Christ is the focal point. We will continue our emphasis that He was, He is, and He is to come through the song “Ancient of Days” by Jamie Harvill and Gary Sadler. A favorite song of the children is the song “I Belong”. This simple song reminds us that no matter what, God has us in His hands and that cannot be changed. He truly is unchangeable.

I am excited about this series that Pastor Al is doing because it leads us to June and Kids Power Camp/Storm the City emphasis. God uses the energy, excitement, and joy that are in kids to show His grace and love to people. It is truly amazing to watch kids in action.

For the welcome time for this series we will be singing the chorus of the song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor. This is one of my favorite lyrics because I know personally how He can take a life that is ugly and negative and turn it around with His incredible touch and make something beautiful out of the dust. We will close our service with another song that the children have done quite often….”Counting on God”. Scripture says to come to Him as a little child. Why? Because of the trust factor! As we get older we get in situations that tend to erode our trust in certain things that can cause us to not trust God. So again whether we are 10 or 100, the approach to trusting Him remains the same…as a little child.

See you Sunday,

Love you.


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