Flourishing Together

As we have been walking through Acts it has been clear that the disciples’ dependence on the Holy Spirit was the key ingredient to their success in ministry. In our fast-paced society, I believe the biggest lesson we need to learn is to Slow Down and Listen to the Holy Spirit. We overlook opportunities thatt are right in front of us daily because we are consumed with our work and our families, both of which are good things ordained by God. But we must first spend time with King Jesus daily. I want to challenge you during that time to spend some of it just being still and listening to the Holy Spirit speak through the scriptures you have read and through simple thoughts concerning people He might have laid on your heart. We need to learn from the church in Acts and depend on the Holy Spirit! The truth of Acts 1:8 is just as powerful for us today as it was for the church in Acts! Meditate on that and GO be Christ’s witness!

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Flourishing TogetherFlourishing Together