Flourishing Together

With the holidays all out of the way, people can finally focus their attention on getting in shape for warmer months ahead. All over the city, well intentioned individuals will flock to their neighborhood gym or spa to finally address that extra helping of pumpkin pie or that over indulgence of Christmas “cheer”.  They will attack the weights and the cardio machines like NFL rookies trying to win a roster position. They will eat things they can’t pronounce or drink concoctions that neither look nor taste appetizing. They will invest in fitness gear and a fitness wardrobe complete with a fit bit watch that sacrifices fashion for function. They will become religious fanatics about fitness, watching motivational videos of other people, you guessed it, working out. And they will do all this with the same passion and fervor they exerted in the days leading up to the Black Friday Sale at Kohl’s. But then…about three days into their fitness nirvana, …the inevitable happens, without warning suddenly and without mercy, their body begins to betray them with pain so excruciating and intense that even massive amounts of Ibuprofen and Advil can’t “Aleve”.  What happened? Was it a lack of passion, desire or motivation? Not at all.  They had carefully planned for every aspect of getting back into shape except for the pain that accompanies muscles and joints that go idle during the holidays. This is the time when getting into shape becomes a struggle. When everything in you screams that it is so much easier to stay home and relax. You’re in pain right!  People in pain don’t put themselves through the same torture that landed them on their couch smelling like Ben Gay. This is the time when you have to refocus your attention on your goals and persevere through the pain believing that the pain is a sign of growth and change and if you persevere, eventually the positive results of fitness will replace the feelings of temporary muscle ache.

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Flourishing TogetherFlourishing Together