The last several weeks at Wedgwood Baptist Church have been truly exciting. We have seen over 35 peo¬ple pray to receive Christ through the influence of the ministries of Wedgwood. It has been very ex¬citing to see this many people coming to Christ as well as the enthusiasm of our body celebrating what God has done through us. As I have been thinking about a challenge Nathan gave us at the beginning of Can We Talk?, to be marketplace missionaries, I have looked at my world differently. The marketplace missionary challenge comes from Acts 17 where we see that Paul went to the synagogue, but he also went to the marketplace every day. Each person has about 105 hours each week that they are in the mar¬ketplace. Whether it is at work, at the store, or some leisure activity for yourself or the kids, we all have a marketplace. I do not work with any lost people because I work here at Wedgwood. I therefore have taken the challenge to talk to people about Jesus wherever the Lord places me. I have a natural mission field of my neighbors. I have interactions with peo¬ple in all sorts of settings, and if I am not intentional about talking to people about Jesus, I will not do it. So, what is your marketplace? Where has God placed you? Where do you need to become intentional about sharing the amazingness of Jesus Christ in your life? Don’t let fear cripple you or keep you from telling people about Jesus. He is the one who saves anyone, but He chooses to use us to be His mouth-piece. Do not remain silent!

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