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May 12 2016

Last week the children’s signers were on the platform along with a couple of the youth as we led worship together. This week members of the children’s worship team will be involved on the front lines. It is going to be another unique and worshipful Sunday here at Wedgwood. When I sit down to plan an order for a worship service, my first prayer is “God! A song is just a song. What do you want to hear Your people sing to You this week”? This time as I opened up my database of songs, looking at new songs, looking at ones we have only been doing for a short time, and those we have done for years, God led me to paint a picture of His greatness. It came to fruition in three ways in which to shout praises to Him; the greatness of His grace, the greatness of His goodness, and the greatness of surrender.

Surrender is another one of those words we use often as a believer. I wish I could tell you that I knew all the ramifications of understanding what it means to be in total abandoned surrender. I do know that the very moment I lay down my pride and agenda, I see the heart of God literally fly into action. As we sing the song “My Heart is Yours” this week I challenge us all to pray before-hand and ask the Father to reveal to us how we can sing these words honestly….”my heart is Yours, my heart is Yours, take it all, take it all, my life in Your hands”. We will sing the greatness through “Shout Hosanna”, “This is Amazing Grace”, “Good Good Father”, and “How Marvelous”.

So I have another challenge for us this week. Right before we lay our head down on the pillow Saturday, I challenge us to ask ourselves the question, “am I ready to hear You in the morning”?

Love you,


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