Flourishing Together with Families

Last week we had the privilege of being led by the Children’s sign language group and move¬ment group. This week we are joined by part of the Children’s worship group. It has been said that when children get saved, they don’t receive any less of the Holy Spirit than an adult does. They don’t get a “junior” Holy Spirit. Scripture says in Romans 8:11 “the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is resident in our mortal bodies and gives strength to the same.” It is so incredible that age is not a factor in God’s choosing to use us. We can be young or old by the world’s measuring, and yet God in His wisdom can use us all.

This morning we will see several walk through the waters of the baptistery, being obedient to Christ in baptism, which will again paint the picture that God saves all ages. We all come to Him as a child, but in God’s numbering system, that doesn’t always mean the young. There is no greater thing, at any age, than to be saved by the power of Christ, to follow Him in baptism, and to be a sold out disciple of Him. That is when we truly see the whole picture.

Bless you dear church family.

Flourish Together 1350x 744 Wedgwood Baptist Church Fort Worth TexasFlourish Together 1350x 744 Wedgwood Baptist Church Fort Worth Texas