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May 29 2017

Aaron Wagner, who was here in January, will be with us kicking off the summer. He will be leading the worship service this week. I will be here as part of the church family worshipping together.

I am studying Hebrews right now. A verse that has always blown me away is Hebrews 5:8. It says “Jesus learned obedience through the things He suffered”. I have always thought if Jesus, the perfect Son of God, had to “learn” obedience how much more must I walk through to be a person that walks in obedience. So can I have your permission to be transparent? HAHA, sorry going to be…

Life is just not fair most of the time. I, being the emotional person, can really get down on seeing those that are obviously not walking in obedience (nonbelievers AND believers) but still seemingly walking through life very carefree. Dale talked a few weeks ago about that we should not expect an easy time. I have to admit I sat there and questioned myself and my willingness to continually struggle. Are we as obedient Christians supposed to walk through this life and expect hardships? Well apparently Jesus said yes! “All that choose to walk godly WILL suffer persecution”. And yet, it doesn’t make the hard times easier to know that we as Christians are literally called to this.

So what do we do? Do we just throw in the towel and give in? NO! We do exactly as the rest of Dale’s message talked about…Fight the good fight. We can overcome. We can walk victorious. We can be winners in this life not just the life to come.

My encouragement to you and even myself this week is to take the challenge to walk as overcomers even through the hard times. He will never leave us alone. He will be there even if no one else will take a bullet for us. I guess He kind of did that…oh yeah something about a cross comes to mind…lol.

He promises we will get to the other side.


Love you,


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