I was born into a mostly Catholic family, so I heard about Jesus Christ my whole life, but not so much about a personal relationship with Him. Church life pretty much ended when my parents divorced.

I became a top student and was encouraged to continue doing things at which I excelled, and discouraged from doing things at which I did not.

I graduated high school prepared to attend Engineering school the following fall. I dealt with the world around me the best way my intellectual gifts led me. I was extremely competitive academically and viewed others from that perspective.

A couple weeks following high school graduation, I was involved in a bicycle accident from which I could have died. As an 18-year-old, that got my attention. This was my Damascus Road experience.

College friends I met through the Baptist Student Union 2 months after my accident were instrumental in my conversion experience to become a Christ-follower. From them I learned:

  • Unconditional acceptance
  • Participation without competition pressure
  • Becoming a Christ-follower is a personal decision every person must make
  • A new source of strength to deal with life’s disappointments
  • Christ-followers can sometimes be selfish and hurtful in their actions

From the BSU, my college church, and my hometown church, I learned being a Christ-follower was a life of service.

My favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 2:10, which tells me:

  • I am God’s masterpiece creation
  • God has a purpose for me specifically
  • God has good things for me to do specifically

Since my conversion, I have largely exchanged competition with others for encouragement of others. I have learned I can trust the Lord to do things at which I do not excel, or feel comfortable doing. The Lord has used in me in ways I never would have imagined.