Ann Henson

As far back as a can remember I attended church. My dad would drop me off at church, but my parents didn’t attend. When I was seventeen I attended youth camp at Falls Creek (in Oklahoma). That Thursday my best friend said to me, “You need to go down front tonight at the end of the service.” Ok, well at the age of seventeen you would think I should have understood what she was saying. Upon her request I did go down when they gave the alter call. I met with a counselor and was asked to say “the prayer” which I was silent in doing so. I really don’t ever remember anyone telling me that I needed Christ in my life. But I knew enough to know if I was making a decision that there were some things I needed to change in my life. I went along with all the others that made a decision that week and was baptized.

Life went on, I continued to go to church and act like I was a Christian. I finished high school, got married, and became involved in a church where we lived. I even became a preschool teacher. I was living the life of a Christian which wasn’t a bad thing, except for the fact that I wasn’t saved.

Steve and I became involved working with children in Lay Renewal Weekends at different churches. A Lay Renewal Weekend was an opportunity to re-awaken the church to its purpose and passion. It takes believers, wherever they are in their spiritual journey, and refreshes them with a Christ-centered perspective of their role in service to others. This is an inward journey that renews and restores the love of Christ.

We had participated in several of these weekends and help plan one at our church. Through this I was convicted that the experience I had when I was seventeen was not a true salvation experience. I talked with Steve about my conviction and that I wanted to give my life to Christ and be baptized. I then talked to my pastor and told him my story. He said that I needed to stand up and tell the congregation about my decision.

The Sunday I was baptized I read Romans 6:3-4 to the congregation as a testament that I wanted to be obedient to Christ in baptism and share my new life in Him.

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