Dan “Cadillac” Seville

My life before you knew Christ
I lived a life of school, sports, friends, and hormones. My family attended Ponds Reformed Church, which had a dedicated staff and volunteer teachers, but no life and little meaning to a person like me.

As a teenager, I was very good at swearing, finding ways to party with alcohol (but no drugs), and search for easy ways to become a man. I cared what others thought of me and did little to help others. I grew up thinking of not much more than “ME.”

My conversion
Then I met a pretty girl in high school who was a pastor’s kid and began to attend her father’s church (Greenpond Bible Chapel) and began to hear and see God at work in authentic Christian lives. This pretty girl invited me to go with her and her youth group to a Christian camp. She would later become my wife (of 29 years and counting).

It was at the camp that I heard the Word clearly and was convinced of my sinful nature and asked Jesus to forgive me and be my Lord. That was in 1973.

My walk with Christ
I was not a quick learning Christ follower. My previous habits of swearing, partying and, girl stalking still were part of my life. However, God worked on me like an artist chiseling on a slab of marble. My awareness of using bad words became increasingly painful and almost “stabbing-like” to speak. Others noticed. Drinking continued because I was allowing myself to exist in an environment where it was encouraged. The light bulb came on when I was put in positions of leadership that I saw the affects of alcohol and began to hate it. Others noticed. Girl stalking ended when the pretty girl from high school and I got married. God has helped me to be able to see my wife as so beautiful and desirable that I would never want to jeopardize this great partnership Christ ordained. Girls did not notice.

Here are a few things that were major changes in my life and in my Christian walk:
Got Married and understood better every day that I existed to help others, especially doing whatever I could for my wife.

Had children. This milestone “alone” made me really look at things I thought were my “right” to do that I came to understand they were no longer that important to me. More important to me was that I would live a life that honored Christ and was seen by my children.

I learned why I should pray and how to pray. I learned that my relationship with Christ is more important than just my attendance at church.

I understood that my life continued only at the grace and mercy of the creator God I called Lord of my life. I learned that I could be extremely blessed by helping and blessing others…and asking for nothing in return. God gets the glory!

Life verse. Psalm 127:1

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