When I was 10 years old, the church where we attended held its annual spring revival meetings. I had been to Sunday School and church my entire childhood and to VBS most every year that I remember. During the service, I felt that I was missing something in my life and as the visiting preacher spoke, I realized that I needed a relationship with Jesus. I was baptized and after making this decision, I felt so full and could not contain my joy, wanting to let everyone know that I asked Jesus into my heart.

There was a time when I strayed from the church in my late teens, but I was so guilty and longing for Him. It was when I met my husband, Bill, which we both decided that life was not right without Jesus in our lives, our marriage and our home. We have been involved in the body of Christ ever since and love to serve. Our faith is what gets us through each day as we walk with Him or He carries us. He is all we need!

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