Michael Daugherty

God showed me his love from birth by blessing me with two amazing Christian parents, Steve and Sara. They taught me the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ both at home and through church activities at Immanuel Baptist Church, where I spent the first 30 years of my life. My parents really showed me and taught me what it means to be a Christian. The first verse I memorized was John 3:16. I knew I had sin in my life and would continue to sin. I understood that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and nothing I do will make up for the sins that I will commit and have committed. I asked God into my heart when I was 6 year of age at home with my parents. Being a Christian means to treat others the way Jesus did and live a life as close to what he did as possible. Around the age of 26 I started to truly understand that I had a lot of spiritual growth left if I was going to live a life as close to like Jesus as possible. At this point God really moved in my life in ways as only he can. Surrounding myself with good Christian friends has been an extremely important part of my spiritual growth the past four years. I cannot tell you how amazing life can be when you surround yourself with people that value their relationship with God above all else. I got involved discipling a group of teenagers in our youth group and a few years later God gave me the opportunity to teach Sunday school. It was through these events I started to sense a calling to full time ministry. I moved to Fort Worth, TX in January of 2015 to pursue a Masters of Divinity.

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