Myrlene Shirley

I grew up in a Christian home, my parents were active in church and we were pretty much there every time the doors opened. I walked the aisle when I was 10 years old because a friend of mine did. Way back then, they just didn’t do decision counseling like we do now. So, I was one of those that fell through the cracks for a number of years. After I got married, I stopped going to church and did not start back until one day, when Heather came home from a church preschool and we were talking about her day and what she had learned, that I realized that I was the one who needed to be teaching her about God…about His Son. We started attending a small Baptist church in Arlington Heights, and after about a year or two, I became the church secretary.

I was involved in EVERYTHING, choir, Baptist Young Women, taught Children’s Sunday School and Preschool Choir, coordinated Wednesday night dinners, taught in VBS–well, it was a little church. But, then the Holy Spirit began convicting me that I was not saved and the more convicted I became, the harder I worked!!! Finally, on a Thursday night when I was 27 years old, kneeling beside my bed, I asked Jesus to save me.

I could not wait for Sunday to come so I could make it public–don’t know what the pastor preached on, didn’t care, just waited for the invitation. I have some times that I wonder — about me — but then I can go back to that night and I know that I know!

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