Becky Quick

At age 4 I went to my father, a Baptist preacher, on a Sunday afternoon and asked how I could be saved. Delighted, he led me through the process and I accepted Christ that day. After a year of waiting to make sure I understood my decision, I was baptized at age 5. I grew up in church, learned the hymns of old balancing a hymnal on the back of a pew, taking sermon notes in child’s handwriting. As an adult I almost felt embarrassed by my testimony, plain, boring, no life altering, drug saving type of testimony. However, I have come to realize no testimony for Christ is EVER boring. A saved life is ALWAYS life changing. And sin is an addiction that ALL suffer from. My testimony would be revealed through what He has taught me since my conversion and how He continually teaches me, shapes me, and molds me. My testimony comes through facing hardships with Him as my shield, protector, and defender. It comes out as I respond to each situation through the lens of His influence on my life. My testimony is one of a work in progress, finished only on that fine day when He calls me home.

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