Prayer Power September 11 2017

Some of you know Wayne Watson. He was a very well-known Christian singer in the late 80’s and on through the 90’s. We attended the same church in north Houston many years ago. We became friends and encouraged each other along the way as we ministered across the world. He was getting ready to release a new CD project and he wanted some feedback before it was released. He arranged a private concert of about 300 people so he could sing the new songs and get people’s reaction. On that project he wrote a song called “When God’s People Pray”. There is a line in the song that he used to introduce the song. It says, “Prayer is only pious ramblings without a Father’s ear.” He said and I quote, “prayer changes nothing. But before you stone me, let me explain. Prayer changes nothing. It is the one that you pray to that changes everything.” God hears us and He responds to our cries. In Jeremiah 29:13 we are told that we will find Him IF we seek for Him with all of our heart.

It is time. It is really time to get even more serious about prayer. I don’t know what that means for you, but I believe God is calling Wedgwood to a very intense season of prayer. I truly believe we can and will see heaven and earth move. Before I close I want to give the words to the chorus of that Wayne Watson song.

“When God’s people pray, and take the pains of earth to the doors of heaven; when God’s people pray, there is hope reborn. There is sin forgiven, and miracles you can’t explain away, when God’s people pray.” I suggest you YouTube this song. Don’t get distracted in the old keyboard sounds and the dated guitar sounds. Oh wait maybe I and a few others I know are the only ones that get caught up in that…lol! Wow, what a song!!!!

This week in the service, we are also doing some great songs that I believe will lead us to the throne. I pray now that they will lead you to love deeper the “One that changes everything.” We begin with what is now considered to be one of those old songs. We begin the day with Tomlin’s “Our God” and then go straight into Rueben Morgan’s song “Forever Reign”. Back in 2011 I discovered a choir song that has seemed to impact Wedgwood time and time again. Meghan Hayden will sing the solo on the song “In Him” by Chris Eaton. A little fact about Chris Eaton….he also wrote the song “Breath of Heaven” back in 1995. I am going to teach you a new song that I think will become a favorite worship song at Wedgwood. It is called “Simple Gospel” by Will Reagan and Brook Human. Funny thing the song for the offering time also has the word simple in the title. It is called “Simple Pursuit” by Ben Cantelon. We are also worshipping to the Joel Houston song “The Stand”. YouTube them…download them, but spend time worshipping this week as you seek the Father in your time with Him.

See you Sunday…love you


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