True Generosity

October 9 2017

What comes to your mind when you read the word generosity? Mine always goes to money. This is certainly not a wrong place. There is a strong philosophy among Christianity that seems to give us an excuse that if we are not as well off financially as someone else, we will say “I give in other ways”. The only problem with that philosophy is that is not Scriptural.

When I was in college (you know when we rode stage coaches to school and walked up hill both going and coming from school in the snow in Texas…lol), I remember listening to KLTY and the DJ was talking about the word giving. A listener called in and said, “I am so tired of hearing about giving. All I hear is give, give, give, give, give.” To that the DJ replied, “thank you for giving us the best definition of Christianity I have ever heard”. Generosity! Are we generous with money no matter what our income (widow’s mite)? Are we generous with time? Are we generous with our caring for one another? Can you and I be described as a generous person?

I have to admit, I get weary! But as a Christian, we are called to nothing less of having a heart of overflowing. I was talking to a member of our church the other day and he gave me a great word picture. Generosity is like pouring coffee into a coffee cup that is sitting on a saucer. You keep pouring and the cup will overflow to the saucer. That saucer is truly the overflow of generosity.

So how do we walk in generosity? How do we live in a way that our desire is truly to be a cheerful giver? It goes back to the word picture. We must be responsible and disciplined in our own relationship walk with the Lord that we walk around full…so full that we overflow.

So what about you? What about me? Is there something we need to do that puts us in a position that our cup is so full that our overflow to others is not only filling the saucer, but it is pouring onto the table and the floor and out the door? Selah (think about it)

One of the reasons we need to be here this weekend if at all possible is to corporately worship the Lord. This week is all about surrender. We begin with a modern version of “Crown Him With Many Crowns”. A few weeks ago we sang a song that I believe will become one of our heart songs by Jason Ingram titled “Everything and Nothing Less”. This song needs to be the goal of our everyday. We will sing “My Heart is Yours” that also says that we surrender ourselves to Him. The offertory song is a Darlene Zschech titled “Lord I Give Myself”. Our invitation song time will be “I Surrender” which is another song from Hillsong.

Okay, see you Sunday. I pray the rest of your week will be great.

Love you,


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