His Will is Clear

October 30 2017

It was April many years ago I received three phone calls from bands in which I had submitted a resume. I was so excited. I remember telling the Lord that I didn’t ask Him for a choice. I just knew I needed to be on the road sharing the gospel through music. I started seeking Him for clarity. Through His exact and clear Word, I knew which band to join. I not only was going to be able to minister to people all over the US and Canada, but I also got to be the musical director.


It was September many years ago. I received a phone call from a man named Joe. He was the boss, the main guy, the founder of the band Eternity. I had been off the road from the first band I traveled with for about four months. He asked me to come audition for the band. I remembered telling the Lord that if they call me, I would have no doubt that it would be His will for me to travel with Eternity. The hour drive from Fort Worth to Mesquite I prayed for discernment…and yet, I had no doubt whatsoever that I was to minister through that opportunity. The Lord opened that door by a simple phone call. It would take many pages to tell you the full story. One thing that is clear is that God promises over and over in His Word that He will reveal His will.

Through the years I have seen God take me through each decision like this. Waiting is hard no doubt, but His hand is upon us. Be encouraged my friends. Be encouraged! He has the best in store for each and every one of us. Jeremiah 29:11.

So the songs for this week are arranged to help us understand that we are to take risks under the direction of the Lord. Step out and believe.

We start by going back several years to a Tomlin song named “Blessed Be Your Name”. Taking risks can cause us to fear. It is always encouraging to know that God’s armies of angels surround us. We sing “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)”. Several years ago we learned a Gateway song that brings us to focus on Him, the most important One by singing “Glorify You Alone”. We continue with a wonderful song again focusing on who He is by singing “Great I Am” by Jared Anderson. I hope you have time to spend meditating on the lyrics of these songs.

Love you,


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