November 13 2017

In January of this year I along with several others went to a seminar. Part of the time we had to basically tell positive and negative traits that we saw in each other. There were plenty of positive things that were said about me that encouraged me greatly. There were a couple of things that people saw in me that I have worked hard before the Lord to understand better and change. I want to tell you about one of these traits.

One person said that what he sees in me is that I tend to blame others for things. Wow!!!! Really????? That was my first reaction. Over the next several weeks I spent much time in prayer over this. I also spent much time analyzing if this was a true statement. Well so come to find out, after spending time with the person that said this to me the truth is that I am a “causation citer.” I am not sure if that is a real thing, but that is what I am.  Sometimes, and maybe even most of the time, it comes across as blaming when in all actuality, I am trying to fix the problem and talk out loud too much. Scripture tells us (me) to be quick to hear, but slow to speak.

Like many of you, when I was growing up, I heard a phrase often. “Speak only when you are spoken too.” Maybe there is wisdom in that statement we can use as an adult Christian. What if we only opened our mouth after the Holy Spirit has spoken to us? I know my words would be much fewer. I would not be cited as one who blames others. Every month Debbie Gillette sends to the prayer warriors a list from the staff full of prayer requests. Most of the staff members give overviews of what can be specifically prayed for, which is certainly a good thing. I usually just have the same one over and over. It is for wisdom. I need His gentle, still small voice, whispering His infinite truth and wisdom into my finite brain, able to discern what is right and what is not. We as followers after His heart need that more than we need to breathe. Only then can we truly speak right judgment. Lord, help me when I really have blamed others for my situation when it is me that needs to understand! The positive thing about it all is that He is faithful to complete what He has started in all of us. We will one day look up and see Him face to face. We will then clearly see in front of us pure love and wisdom.

Wow that is heavy isn’t it? Sorry!

So what about worship this weekend? We have baptisms and the Lord’s Supper. We sing the song “I Am”, “Abide with Me”, and “Be Thou My Vision” together. The Praise Team will sing a wonderful song by Jonathan Stockstill titled “Communion Song”. I look forward to seeing you at worship.

Love you,


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