Grains of Salt

November 20 2017

I was talking to a very close friend that lives in Nashville. For reference, his name is Scott. He brought up a phrase that I admit that I have said a number of times. “Perception is everything”. A friend of mine in college used to say “what you perceive IS your reality.” It doesn’t have to be true or even closely related to truth. It can be an outright lie, but if perception is involved, it tends to skew the understanding.

As I was talking to Scott, he brought up a very interesting point about phrases like this. The truth is the truth. If it is really the truth, it doesn’t matter what someone thinks. It is the truth. Unfortunately, most people are going to believe what they perceive to be the truth instead of researching to absolutely know the truth.

Another little phrase I hear quite often is, “I take what he or she says with a grain of salt”. And yet, even a grain of salt seems to make most people’s thoughts to at least form questions that should never be there.

I have known many in my lifetime that have suffered traumatic outcomes because that “grain of salt” influenced at the very least people’s perception of a situation, or even worse, their reaction to a situation. It can take years to work through the aftermath of those “grains of salt”.

As I said last week, our words can destroy more than we can ever know. Our words can change the course of a person’s life. That is why we must think through things before we speak. With that weight of influence our words have, they had best be the right ones.

A few weeks ago, I listened and watched as two doctors led someone through very difficult decisions. I observed how both of them thought through every single word and line before it left their mouth. The end result was the person making right decisions. It was kind of amazing to watch. It drove home this fact even more.

Think about it.

At the time I am writing this, I cannot give you the song list. I simply believe that God is going to do something marvelous during the service through the entire worship time.

See you Sunday…love you,


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