December 11 2017

This week we are emphasizing that Christmas is REAL PEACE! Jesus brought to us the peace that passes all understanding. He brought us peace that He gives, not as the world gives. He truly fills our life with peace.

Though I have experienced His real peace over and over again throughout my walk with Him, there are times I find myself worried and anxious. I am filled with anxiety over something. Here is confession time or should I say transparency. The times I have to fight hard to acknowledge and walk in that peace is when I have to confront someone or a group of people on an issue. There have been so many times in my life I just had to stop and concentrate on Philippians 4:8…think upon these things. Isaiah 26:3 of keeping my mind on Him. He promised I could have perfect peace…not just peace but “perfect” peace if my mind is on Him. When I start getting anxious over a decision or confrontation is the first sign that I am more concerned about man’s reaction than God’s prompting and response.

Over and over and over again, Scripture talks about how we can have a life of peace. It gives us explicit instructions on how to maintain that peace.

Let me encourage you…especially this season of peace! If there is anxiousness building up…STOP. FOCUS. BREATHE and rest in the God of peace. It is amazing how that blood pressure goes down.

As we talk about peace, we sing “O Come All Ye Faithful”, and “Angels From the Realms of Glory”. The worship ministry will continue the 4 part music with “Eternity in this Moment”, “Peace Suite”, and “How Glad the Heart”. The praise team will sing a beautiful worship song titled “Peace Has Come”.


Love you,


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