Peace. It is something we all desire and long for. We desire to see it on a global scale between nations. We long for it in our own neighborhoods and communities. We strive for it in our homes. And even in our hearts we desire peace from the worry, fear, and anxiety that can often plague our souls.

But how do we obtain this elusive desire? How can we achieve peace? There are many suggestions that our culture and world offer. We are told to invest wisely, purchase a nice security system for our home or a vehicle with a good safety rating. We are encouraged to get good health or life insurance. But we know that none of these things can really offer peace. We strive for a peace that is based upon everything in life working out the way we plan. But this peace is frail and tenuous at best. A peace that is based upon circumstances is no peace at all.

Fortunately in John 14 Jesus offers us a different kind of peace. A peace not as the world gives based upon everything going right. Instead He offers us His peace. A peace that is built upon a restored relationship with God through the death and resurrection of Jesus in our place. A peace that trusts that God is working everything in our life (good and bad) for our ultimate good. And a peace that knows that God has a wonderful purpose and plan for our lives.

So, how do we receive this type of peace? Paul gives us some great advice in Philippians 4. He tells us to not be anxious about anything. In other words, be at peace. This peace is achieved through prayer instead of worry. Worry does us no good. But prayer, prayer makes a difference. When we worry we simply have a conversation with our own mind. But when we pray we go before a Sovereign King who calls us His children and ask Him to work for us. Paul also tells us to mix in gratitude with our requests. It is important to remember all that God has done for us when asking Him to continue to help us with our needs.

Following our time of intercession we must take up the battle for the mind in order to obtain the peace that Jesus offers. Paul tells us to focus our thoughts on things that are true, right, excellent, commendable, etc. In other words we must saturate our minds with the eternal and perfect truth of God’s Word. But then, we must allow these promises and commands to affect our action. We must put into practice what we learn as we meditate on, read, and study Scripture.

As we do these things Paul tells us that we will experience a glorious peace. The peace of Jesus Himself that simply does not make sense to the world around us. A peace that we should not experience given our circumstances but a peace we experience nonetheless. A peace that is not based upon how our plans worked out but a peace that trusts that God’s plan for us will always be accomplished.

Do you have peace? Jesus invites you to share in His peace. Will you?

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