Fervent Prayer? Really?

January 8 2018

As we begin this New Year, I believe the greatest need of the church is to pray. Now don’t get me wrong. There are many needs I could mention. I have to admit that my mind is boggled by so many things because of the abundance of needs. When I was hit with some devastating circumstances back in 2016 and then carried on through last year, I had to make some very hard decisions in how I approached life. I admit that I didn’t do very well with this. God had (and still is) working in me to define what is important and what is not. Let me see! Jesus did this in Matthew 6. There are needs and then there are wants. We do need many things as the church of Jesus Christ, and yet our greatest need is to sacrifice our time to pray. I am not talking about adding an extended time of prayer in a service, although we will be doing more of that this year. It is not praying for every meal with a thankful heart, although we should be thankful for that need being met. It is not even praying for those hurting with sickness, although obviously that is important.

I am talking about fervent prayer. We have a tendency to blame, pointing our accusing fingers at someone or something for a situation that we think is a problem. The real need is for us to stop and not move until we have truly communed with our Father in heaven. How do we expect those needs we think are so important to be met when we are not serious about spending serious communion with the One that has the power to right every wrong?

We are so selfish especially with our time. My prayer for 2018 is that for me personally, and for us as a church, to be serious about doing battle on our knees. If something truly needs to be addressed, then on our knees is where it needs to be addressed…not in public forums (i.e…Facebook).

I know this is in your face speaking. A former pastor of mine has a line that he says quite often. “The very thing we know to be the most important in Christianity is what we tend to do the least.” Prayer has to become our top priority. How do we do this with our busy schedule? There is a way!

Aaron Wagner will be here for DNow this weekend. He and his band will be leading worship Sunday morning. It will be a great day of worship.

I hope that 2018 the year of prayer.

Love you,


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