Importance of the Wind

Flying kites is something my family has always enjoyed. Watching a kite soar through the air is a relaxing way in which to spend some time. Over the years I have seen some very elaborate and large kites taking to the air. But I have noticed that every kite needs one thing in particular no matter how complex the design. Every kite needs wind. Without it the most fancy and expensive kite is useless.

Our lives are lot like a kite. We may order our lives in such a way that from the outside they appear fancy, elaborate, and ornate. However, just like the kite, without the wind our lives never really take off.

So, what is the wind? In John 3 Jesus compares the effects of the wind to the effects of the Holy Spirit. You cannot see or control the wind. Neither can you see or control the Spirit. Then as we proceed to the book of Acts we read of how the Spirit continued the ministry of Jesus through the birth of the church. Repeatedly throughout Acts we see the movement of the Spirit is often connected to prayer (Acts 1:12 – 14; 2:1 – 4; 4:29 – 31; 10:1 – 43; 16:25,26).

And so, for our lives to take to the air we need the Spirit to work in and through us. And as we see in Acts this occurs as we seek God in prayer. When we pray we confess our utter dependence on Him, asking Him to work for us, fight for us, provide for us. In prayer we ask God to do for us what we are incapable of doing for ourselves.

I can remember times of trying to fly a kite with little to no wind. I would run with the kite behind me and then glance back hoping to see the kite take flight. However, I would instead see the discouraging site of it bumping along the ground. When we try to live our lives apart from the power of God’s Spirit experienced through prayer it is like trying to fly a kite without the wind. So, take time today and throughout this week to spend time asking God to work for you and through you. Spend time asking the Spirit to give you the power and strength to fulfill the calling God has for you today.

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