Have you ever known someone who is hard to please? No matter what you do it just never seems to be good enough for them? I have found this problem at times arises from a lack of communication. The two parties involved are not effectively communicating their expectations with one another.

In Hebrews 11 we discover that God is not one who is hard to please. This is because He clearly tells us what is pleasing to Him. In verse 6 the author tells us that faith is pleasing to God. But it is not just any faith or faith in anything that is pleasing. There are some qualifications.

Our faith must first believe that God exists. Again, this is not just faith in a god. It is faith in the true God revealed to us in Scripture. It is faith that God is the King of Kings who reigns over all of creation. He is sovereign, holy, and just (Isaiah 6:1 – 4). And He is compassionate, merciful, gracious, forgiving, and loving (Psalm 103). It is belief that Jesus Christ is God, in the flesh, who died and rose again to reconcile us back to God (John 14:9; Mark 10:45).

Second, we read that a faith that is pleasing to God believes that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. James reminds us that God draws near anyone who would seek Him (James 4:8). A faith that is pleasing to God believes that God rewards those who seek Him. Sometimes this is with material or earthly provision (financial, physical healing, etc.) But most often it is the reward of God Himself. A faith that is pleasing to God recognizes that God is the ultimate reward. This faith seeks to find its truest joy and happiness in God.

And so, this passage makes us ask ourselves the question, is our faith pleasing to God? Do we believe that God exists? Do we truly know the nature and character of God? Do we believe that He is our ultimate reward? All of us possess areas in which we do not fully understand the nature and character of God. For some, we struggle to really grasp God’s incredible love for us. Others of us struggle to trust in His sovereign care of our lives. Therefore, it is important for us to dig deep into the precious truths of God’s Word and let them feed and strengthen our faith in Him.

And then, let us follow the advice of James and seek to put our faith into action (James 2). Let us live out a faith that trusts in Him banking every aspect of our lives on the promises and truths of Scripture. Resulting in a life that is pleasing to God.

Pastor Dale

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