Central Theme

March 5 2018

Years ago I used to wear this chain around my neck. It said “Jesus is my life.” It was gold and just downright very cool. Somewhere along the way, I misplaced it and suddenly it was gone. I could have worn a cross like many do. That is great! I just wanted something to stand out that screamed the One that had my utmost attention. Also years ago, there was a singer/songwriter, Steve Taylor, that was, I have to admit, out of the box in his songwriting. While everyone else was writing Christian clichés, his words were cutting edge. One song that he wrote is titled “Central Theme.” The hook line in the song is “central theme….Jesus in the middle.” That was kind of my life song at the point.

So now! Skip to 2018. I have been a full time vocational minister for a huge number of years. My week is filled with meeting after meeting, task after task, deadline after deadline, and yes, sometimes walking on the preverbal eggshells to play “Christian” politics. (Sorry had to throw that in there). What about Jesus?

Every time I get to stand in front of a group of students, I leave them with this challenge. Don’t miss God. Nothing, and especially no one is more important than seeing Him. Dale reminds us often that the best gift of our salvation is Jesus Himself.

So, Easter…Resurrection Day….the best day of a Christian’s life, is just a few weeks away. I want to challenge us all with Apostle Paul’s word. “Examine yourself daily to find where you are in the faith.” Where is Jesus in your daily life? Where is Jesus in your ministry? Here is a hard one. Is it more important to minister than to know Him? For me, is it more important to get all the boxes checked so all my deadlines are made, or to know the love of my life? Think about it.

Many of you will not be here this week because you are headed out of town. But if you are here, we sing the David Crowder song “I Am” followed by Redman’s song “Cornerstone.” We sing one of our new songs by Elevation “Do it Again” and I will sing an old Rich Mullins song (by request), “While the Nations Rage.” For invitation we worship together with the Bethel song “Jesus, We Love You.”

Okay, that’s it for this week. I hope you have a great week. I hope to see you Sunday, but if not, I will see you on the 18th.

Love you,


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