March 12 2018

This week is Spring Break for most students. Every year in the middle of March, schools take a break. It is a time for many to relax, take a breath, and reset for the rest of the Spring Semester. Most people know the fact, whether one is a Christian or not, that God made the world in six days, and rested on the seventh. There is a Sabbath every week. There is a Sabbath for land on which crops are grown, and we are even encouraged to take time off. Apostle Paul, in several different letters that he wrote, encourage Christ followers, to take care of themselves physically. I have to admit, working the amount of hours I work each week, and the stress that life brings, I am not sure I really take care of myself as well as I should. Let me encourage us all. As we grow spiritually and emotionally, let us not neglect the physical. Our body, our brain, and our heart are tools that God uses as much as knowledge and our relationship with Him.

This week in worship, we are going to do a song with the choir that I believe is one of those songs that God has used greatly in our congregation. Jeff Nemec takes the lead on the song “Glorious Ruins” written by Joel Houston and Matt Crocker. We worship congregationally with “Every Praise,” “Forever Reign,” “Lamb of God,” and “Take My Life/I Am Yours.” I am excited. Everyone will be back from their rest. As we gather as a family, we can lift the name of Jesus high.

I hope you will be here on Sunday. See you then.

Love you,


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