Victorious Faith

What does it mean to be victorious when it comes to your faith? Some would say that it means that you experience small and large victories in your life. Healing from a disease, reconciliation in a relationship, financial provision, and protection from harm.

As we look in Hebrews 11:32 – 35 we read of just that. The author reminds us of the many examples that occur throughout the Old Testament of men and women who passionately followed God and experienced His miraculous provision. They were delivered from evil, saw victories in battle, and even had loved ones raised from the dead.

The point of this? God can and does do the miraculous in our lives. He is our Sovereign King and Creator of everything. There is absolutely nothing that is too difficult for God. He is able to save, heal, restore, protect, and provide for any need or situation. Therefore, we are encouraged to come to God with every need and situation and rely on Him to provide.

But, it is also important for us to keep reading through the end of Hebrews 11. Because there we find that a victorious faith does not always mean what we think. In verses 35 – 38 we read of suffering and hardship. Not everyone who passionately followed God experienced deliverance. Many in the Old Testament, New Testament, and throughout church history have been beaten, imprisoned, and killed. Many more have gone without some of the basic provisions we so easily take for granted.

And so, the author of Hebrews 11 wants us to keep a balance in mind when it comes to following Jesus. God can and does deliver us from trials. But there are also times He does not. As we read through the book of Acts we read of stories in which the disciples were beaten and imprisoned. And then we also read of instances in which they are miraculously freed or protected.

Therefore, Hebrews 11:32 – 38 is a reminder to trust God’s plan for our lives. If He delivers or provides, it is for our good. If He allows us to undergo suffering and hardship, it is for our good. Everything that we encounter in this life is ultimately for our good.

So how do we face and endure these times of difficulty? Hebrews 11 tells us to focus on something better. To keep our eyes fixed on the greatness and majesty of our God. To find our joy and satisfaction so fully in Him that it empowers us to endure the sufferings of this life.

This is done through a deep, rich, and continuous exposure to God’s Word. To meditate on it and soak in the promises and truths of Scripture that will nurture and mature our faith. And then to continually communicate with God in prayer asking Him to deepen our trust and reliance on Him. As we do this we will find that no matter what life holds for us we can possess a victorious faith that firmly rests in Jesus.

Pastor Dale

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