April 2, 2018

Last week, I talked about being humble. This week, I want to go deeper into a pretty heavy question. Can a Christian be controlled by satanic, evil forces? There has been a debate on if a Christian can be demon possessed or just oppressed for as long as I can remember. I believe that there is no question when it comes to answering the part about possession. Every Christian has the Holy Spirit indwelling them. So I don’t believe that demonic possession is possible for a Christian. Now let’s talk about the other part though. Because I have watched how the enemy can operate through Christians, I have no doubt that oppression and control is possible as a person’s greed, haughtiness, arrogance, and pride takes over. Humbleness is not just an attitude that we need. It is a protection from the enemy himself. If we take the first step of letting satan fill us with pride and arrogance, then the ego of a person has been given potential to do harm. This harm usually, unfortunately, is not just confined to the individual, but most often will pour havoc on all. The person can become toxic to whatever environment that he or she is in.

So how does satan get a foothold like this? I believe it starts with wanting something more than we want God. That thing might even be disguised as a “godly” thing, but when the layers of the “why” are peeled back, the self-centered reason is exposed. These can be manifested in so many ways. It can be all the way from “I want what I want, and people need to do things the way I want them,” to lying about others. I have experienced this firsthand. I have watched how people were influenced by people that call themselves Christians, in the ministry, but every word out of their mouth was to make themselves look great, and everyone else to look bad.

We must long for Jesus over everything else. Scripture warns us from the very beginning with the 10 Commandments to not have any other gods before us…no idols. It is so easy to take our eyes of the Creator and put them on the creation. Stand firm, my friends, stand firm! We ARE overcomers. We must look to Him, the Author and Perfector of faith!

I am excited about this week’s songs. I have a new song for you. I heard it at a conference I went to a few weeks ago. I walked away knowing it was a Wedgwood song. It is titled “Grateful” by Elevation Worship. We will also be celebrating together in worship with “Build Your Kingdom Here” by Rend Collective, “Because of Your Love” by Paul Baloche, a Cliff Duren and Lee Black song with the choir titled “One”, “Everything and Nothing Less” by Jesus Culture, and “This We Know” by Vertical Worship.

See you Sunday, love you,


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