Racing Through Life

Life is like a race. Actually it is a marathon. This is the image the author of Hebrews conveys to us. In order to run our race well we are given two key pieces of encouragement.

First, we must rid ourselves of any hindrances. This can be a certain sin that has master of our lives, a love of worldly possessions, an improper goal for your life, or unhealthy relationships. Anything that will distract and slow you down in your pursuit to know God and live for His glory.

And then we must be mindful of the examples around us. We have the cloud of witnesses alluded to back in chapter 11. There we read of the men and women who lived out their faith. These actions are designed to inspire and encourage us. We see in their lives how God can work in us as well.

But we are also called to look to Jesus. He is the founder and perfecter of our faith. In Jesus’ example we see that this race will not be easy. It will be full of trials and hardships. However, we can be encouraged because we are not running this race on our own. Jesus will provide us with the power and strength to run this race (John 15:5; Hebrews 13:21).

So today, commit yourself to run the race that God has for you (Ephesians 2:10). Take time to nourish your faith through the examples and promises provided in God’s Word. Strip away anything that will hinder you from running the race that God has for you. Know that this race is the most satisfying and joy filled race you can run. And then go run it asking the Father to give you the strength and power to do so.

Pastor Dale

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