Stand! Together!

April 9 2018

Over the years, many studies have been done that prove groups move things forward better than one person. Whether it is a positive or negative idea, the power of the many can influence. Let me give you some examples of what I mean. When I was on the road with my band, we had a well-oiled procedure of how to book concerts. We were a team that each had a specific job, and yet all of us were on the phone and emails scheduling. We all knew all the positions of booking so well that we made it happen. Several years ago, I discovered Patrick Lencioni. He has great insight on leadership. His entire organization is dedicated to making leaders better leaders. Because of the things I learned from him, I put together an advisory/leadership team. Suddenly there were better decisions made because I was not the only one making them, but rather a team of trusted, like-minded, people that dreamed together. Even the planning of worship, though I had to make the final decisions, was accomplished better with a dream team.

Of course the same way a group or team “being on the same page” can move a positive idea forward, a group, or “mob” can create a problem where there really is no problem. I have seen, and I am sure you have too where one person’s dislike turns into a whole group dislike. It is all because the group could move their idea forward more than the individual.

So what’s the point of this? Glad you asked! God rarely asks us to stand alone. We are called, as a body of believers, to take steps to advance the kingdom. We are called to stand together in unity. So why do we find that so hard to do sometimes? Wellllllllll….unfortunately it comes back to the same thing, we want what WE want and to think of others more than we think of ourselves is one tough calling…and yet…yes and yet, that is what we are called to do.

Stand! How? Together! Whether it is getting behind the vision Dale has brought to us or just simply not complaining, we are called to stand together.

We sang a new song last week called “Grateful.” The first line says that we will not complain. I believe the Scripture says “rejoice, and again I say, rejoice!” We, as a mighty team of God’s warriors, can move the advancement of the kingdom. Together we can move mountains, but divided we fall.

This week we start with “There is Power” and then “The Lord Our God”. The choir is bringing back one of my favorite songs, “Stay Amazed.” Then we go back several years to “Revelation Song.” Don’t miss the song for offertory. The Praise Team is introducing this song. This is a Wedgwood song….”Holy Ground” from Passion Worship…no it is not the 1970 “Holy Ground”. This song…well, it will be a favorite…I absolutely am blown away with this song.  I hope that you will spend time listening and meditating on the lyrics of the songs. Take some time to go to YouTube and listen to “Holy Ground” from Passion.

Okay, love you,


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