Worship the King

April 16 2018

We are in a series titled “Real Life.” At staff meeting a few weeks ago, Dale was talking about the series. One of the topics that came up was that Jesus is not just a part of our life…He needs to be our life. I know I have told you before that I used to have a medallion I had on a chain around my neck. It simply said, “Jesus is my life.” I lost it many years ago. I know I have said the first five words of Philippians 3:10 to you many times…”that I may know Him.” Those words do not say, that I may know facts about Him, but to truly know Him. We can’t know someone unless we interact with them regularly. Interacting goes both ways. Yes, we are to pour our heart to Him, and yet, we have to keep our mouths closed and the ears of our spirit open to hear what He is truly saying back. We need to let Him go first most of the time, for we all know, what He is going to say to us is really far more significant than anything we can ask Him for or say back, except praising who He is of course.

There was a songwriter back in the 80s named Ron Harris. He wrote a song titled “Put Jesus First in Your Life.” It was based on Revelation 3…that they had left their first love. The problem with the turn of phrase in the song, is that Jesus doesn’t just need to be first, but needs to be everything, the Alpha yes, but also the Omega, and everything in-between.

So here is this week’s question/challenge? Is Christ truly our all in all and our everything? Or is He just maybe in our priority list? I have discovered that when I make Him just a priority, I fit Him in. As my heart, soul, and mind is truly giving Him my all, everything about my mindset, my direction, what matters in my life is focused on what is important…and that is Him.

Think about it.

We have the privilege of having Dr. Al Meredith preach this week. We met together a few weeks ago. As I do with Dale, I need to know the heart of the message. I want the songs to enhance the message of the day. This week we start out with a robust version of “O Worship the King”. A couple of weeks ago, in the service, I introduced you to a new Elevation Worship song titled “Grateful.” It is a wonderful reminder to walk in gratefulness. We go to Kari Jobe’s song “A Mighty Fortress”. Make sure you don’t miss the first line…. “our God is a consuming fire”. Anthony Castillo, along with the choir will sing another Elevation song titled “Here as in Heaven”…wow! For offertory, Tina Braswell will sing the Sovereign Grace song “Show Us Christ.” At the very end of the worship service, we will do something a little different. Brother Al has requested one of His favorite songs to be sung. As a congregation, we will sing “Orphans of God”.

Okay, that is all for this week. See you on Sunday.

Love you,


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