What Priority?

April 23 2018

You have heard me talk about priorities before. I was inspired to revisit the subject when a good friend of mine wrote about them in her blog. Forty to fifty years ago, church was not actually in our priority list. It was church and no one hardly ever missed church. Today’s demographics says that if a person shows up twice a month to the local church, that they are considered an active member. That has drastically changed over the years. Again, it was church. You don’t miss unless it is a very unusual situation. Maybe five or six times a year, but not every other week. For most Christians, at least it is still in their priorities. The problem is that priorities change with the need of the moment.

My friend made this statement. It is so true. “We make time for those things that we think are important.” We are all busy with a thousand things to fill our day. So if we stop and look at our lives, what are the priorities? I didn’t say what do we feel guilty that we are not doing or need to do more? What are the real priorities? If you have kids, obviously they better be a priority. If you are married, the ongoing relationship needs much intentional attention. For me, I have my list of priorities. There are priorities in every area of every one of our lives. Only when we take time to sort them out and maybe even write them down do we see a clear picture of what they really are.

I have a challenge for us all. Take a few minutes and check out our priorities. In that, also think what changes the order in the list? Are the priorities negotiable? Are there some that are not negotiable? What are they? Is the things of God and Scripture non-negotiables or are they another item of negotiables in our day? Think about it.

On the lighter side…lol….we are truly blessed to host Erskin Anavitarte this coming Sunday. He has been a friend of Dale’s for several years. He is a worship leader and concert artist making his home in Nashville. He will be here this Sunday to lead worship with our band. I look forward to going to the throne together with you as Erskin leads us.

Love you,


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