A Mile in My Shoes

April 30 2018

Scripture says in Matthew 5:41 “if someone forces you to walk with him one mile, walk with him two. “ As I dove into the meaning of this verse, I realized “going the extra mile” is just a part of what the real meaning is. There is a phrase that we have all heard…walk a mile in my shoes. The meaning behind that is that maybe you will understand more. None of us can really know what someone feels or has experienced. Walking alongside of someone, bearing each other’s burdens, weeping with those who weep, and rejoicing with those who rejoice, can certainly get us closer, but nothing can really fully bring us understanding of what someone else experiences.

I recently was trying to explain to someone how a certain experience that happened to me almost two years ago still to this day affects me. Even though this person walked through the same situation, the take away was incredibly different. There was nothing that I could say that truly helped him understand or grasp the enormous devastation that experience caused me personally.

It got me thinking. (That could be dangerous…lol). How in the world could I express the magnificence of the pain I went through to someone? I realized…I can’t. There truly is only One that “gets us” totally. Therefore, He is the One to which we need to direct these types of conversations. Years ago, I wrote a song titled “True and Faithful”. The second verse says “Friends will be there, and may even understand, but they can’t make it right inside of you”. When it truly is all said and done, no matter what we face, the only way anything can be totally resolved is through the power of the Holy Spirit “fixing” it.

What painful situation are you walking through right now? I sense that someone reading this needs to know that no matter what, the Healer is in your life. He longs to take the burden of that hurt. He, and only He, can make all things right. No! At least for the time, the pain remains, one day we will find the pain is surely gone.

Pain, struggles, devastation, may last for years, and even a lifetime, but He is in the business of making all things new.

Let me encourage you. Walk the extra mile. Be there for those that are hurting. Be real, and know that you may never understand, but you can be the encourager to lead them to the One that has overcome the world.

This week in worship we are singing the song we learned last year, and have sung many times “With Us”. He will be with us no matter what. I am bringing back a song we used to do quite often a few years ago titled “Glorious One”. He truly, over everything and everybody else, the One that shines brighter than anything. I am introducing some of you, only because 70% of you know this song already to the song “Reckless Love”. I struggled calling His love reckless. I studied the definition of the word reckless. I understood then what the writer was saying. We are actually studying that right now. Hebrews 12:2-for the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross, despising the shame…. If that is not truly abandonment to the “normal” sacrifice, nothing is. Listen intently to the song that the Praise Team is doing. It is called “Holy Ground”. It is on the new Passion recording. This is a great song. We will be singing this soon as a congregation. We end our day by singing the song “All to Us.” Jesus truly is our all in all.

Okay, I will see you Sunday,

Love you,


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