No Matter What

May 7 2018

A few weeks ago I wrote a song that I call one of my therapeutic songs. I will probably never sing this song in public, thus therapeutic. It basically says that even though the hurt and disappointments, the wrongs that have been done may never be right, but because of the One that I hold onto tightly, I can still smile. When we analyze personalities of people, I am analyzed as an introvert. I can be on the platform leading our congregation in worship, or in the days of old leading 36,000 in an arena. It would look like I love crowds and parties. I tend to want to be around just a few people at a time, thus labeled as an introvert. Being even more transparent, socials of any kind are not my favorite. And yet (there’s that phrase again)….and yet, church ministry requires me to be social. It is not actually written in my job description, but especially being on a church staff requires me to do this, so again, the label of an introvert. There is another type of personality that is exactly opposite. This person wants to be around as many social activities as possible. Alone time is not really in their thinking. What personality are you? Does it matter?

I am writing about this simply to say, that even though we might be different in personality, our calling is the same. We are to walk in the light as He is in the light. We are to be the light of the world as He is the Light of the world. I find it is a heavy responsibility, but we are to live a life that flows to the world Christ. All over Scripture we are exhorted to use our words, our tongue, our attitude, our captive thoughts, our bodies, our, our, our…… to show this world Christ. We are to do ALL for the glory of Christ. How are we doing? When we walk into the room, do we bring sunshine or rain? When we talk to each other, are our words, moods, and attitude ones of encouragement?

I need to challenge all of us again, and again, and again…we must walk in a manner worthy of our calling in Christ. I want to encourage us to look at Galatians 5:22 that lists the fruit (singular not plural) of the Spirit. Take some time this week concentrating on the different parts of the fruit. Go to work, school, and even church immersed in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control, where there is no law. As an adult, we have a tendency to think that we are finished with homework. The rub is that if we are going to walk through this life as a representative of the Lord, we have to work on loving the unlovable, exuding the inner joy when the outside is screaming against it, living in peace, when again, everything around us screams war.

So what is the key? Glad you asked. It simply comes back to the greatest commandment. We are to love the Lord with every fiber of our being.

Speaking of love…it is Mother’s day this Sunday!!!!!

We are going to start with “This is Amazing Grace.” We go back and sing a song that we have not worshiped with for a while…”Your Love Never Fails.” The choir will do a blast from the past song also, but fits so well with the day, “My Heart Your Home”, and yet another Wedgwood favorite from the past, “Your Grace Still Amazes Me.” Tina and Hanna Braswell will lead us in worship during the offertory with a song titled “I Shall Not Want.” We end our worship service at the response time with “The Stand.” I look forward seeing you Sunday.

Love you


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