A Mindset of Hospitality

May 21 2018

Several weeks ago, Dale talked about the word hospitality. He made this statement: “Hospitality is more than an action. It is a mindset.” Maybe it is just me, but I think I see us sometimes tend to grab the Scripture that tells us we are to be “doers of the Word, and not hearers only,” and miss the heart of the action.

You have seen in these blogs a lot about mindset. Having a mindset of hospitality is just another area that we need to be aware of in our walk with the Lord. I have realized, as a teacher of the Word, that we can give information, but it is up to the individual to receive, process, and integrate that information into their mind and heart. We are all like that. We decide what we will process and what we won’t. We make the decision to “be” the way we are, and to respond (or react) to things. I have to admit, physically it is not easy for me to help someone move, and yet if I have I have a mindset of hospitality, I will respond to the need differently than if I don’t have that mindset. A friend of mine had a flat tire a few weeks ago on a Saturday, and of course it was raining. He changed the tire, and of course as he started driving, the spare was also flat. He was telling me that he hesitated to call anyone so early on a Saturday to come help him, so he ended up paying for someone to come help him. I felt that I had failed him, because I should have communicated to him, that I am always just a text away. (He now knows!….lol)

My point is, do we have a heart, a mindset, to be hospitable? Unfortunately I see a strong trend that people think that everyone else should be hospitable to them, but when it needs to be returned, well…..!

Here is the challenge I have for you AND me this week. At what lengths are we willing to go to? What sacrifices are we willing to make in our own lives to help others? Are we willing to give up our own pleasures and wants, and sometimes even our own needs, to meet the needs in others? Hard questions…but I truly believe that as we become that willing to give up our own desires to bless others, we will see the windows of heaven open.

This week is the Senior Recognition Service. The students will lead us in worship and bring the Word!

Love you,


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