June 4 2018

Several weeks ago, as Dale was finishing the Real Life series, he talked about the order of things that need to be important to us. You have heard me say on more than one occasion, that church is no longer just church, but it is just high on our priority list. So let’s take a moment to look at the list. First, God needs to be at the top always. He needs to be the first and last, the beginning and the end of our day, and the line from start to finish. There are many voices created by the culture in which we live that bumps Him from His rightful spot. Secondly needs to be our family. When I first came to Wedgwood, I was judged as a person that doesn’t understand family. How could a person that doesn’t have an immediate family understand family? Fortunately, most of the people that had that judgment of me has changed their opinion. And yet…yeah there is one of those “and yets.” What voices of culture can make us put our family over God and the calling and commitment we have? Then there is the local body of believers we refer to as the local church. Church? What stops us from fulfilling our commitment we have made to the local church? I don’t want to get too deep in this with my opinions. I just throw that question out there. What stops us from fulfilling our commitment to these three things? God? Family? Church? Just think about it.

I am excited about June 10. It is going to be a wonderful day. Brandon Kiesling will be preaching on the Prodigal Son. We worship with “The Lion and the Lamb”, “Let the Worshippers Arise”, “Crown Him (Majesty)”, “Jesus Loves Me”, and “Arms Open Wide”. The choir is doing a song that Tom Wilson takes the lead on titled “These are the Names of God.” Anthony Castillo, our drummer with the awesome voice and heart will be singing a song with the Praise Team titled “Chain Breaker” for offertory.

At 2 p.m. will be a memorial for Nancy Cantrell. If you can possibly be back for this, I believe you will be the one blessed. We will celebrate the life of Nancy and the legacy she leaves behind.

Okay, I will see you Sunday.

Love you


  • Linda Tremaine

    Phil, really like your blog. It’s easy for us to form opinions like you mentioned. Biology is not necessary to have a family. We draw from each other and form a “family” whether friends, co workers, neighbors etc. We are all the family of God. Understanding the ways of family does not require you to have living parents, a spouse or children. My closest family members sometimes are not as understanding, or know as much about me as my BFF or my Sunday School class. I am so blessed to have a Church family, as well as, a biological family !
    See ya on Wednesday…

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