All Things “New”

July 2 2018

This year, I have coined a new phrase I say quite often. “It’s a new day.” Scripture talks about this being the day the Lord has made, and we are to rejoice in it. We use the word transition also. What I see happening in so many areas of life, is not transition, or even the word we seem to dread so much, “change.” I think it is more about things being new.

Let me give you some examples. WBC is a new place. The place I came to in 2008, is not the place it is now. We can try to compare, and say what “we” like the best, and yet, it is a different place. Wedgwood neighborhood is another one. This neighborhood is new. There are young families moving in all over. Houses are being bought and sold to new people. This is not the neighborhood of 2008 when I came. Another are family dynamics. Just in the worship area alone, those dynamics that call for attention over the once availability of people, are new. Personally, my ten year plans (yes I think and plan ahead…lol) became different because of decisions out of my control were made.  “It is a new day.”

None of this is bad or good necessarily. It is different. As we talked about two weeks ago, are we living in the present, or trying to hold on to our past, and the way things were, and don’t embrace the “new?” I wish I could say that I am always ready to embrace, and don’t struggle with the new, but just like everyone else, I struggle big time. And yet, God talks about making things new. We are a new creation. He makes all things new. So why am I surprised that 2018 is not the same as 2008?

How do we walk through it? One step, one “new” at a time. We take it to our knees. We have to realize that every single day is going to bring new things. How will we respond to them? We also have to keep in mind, that it is not always us that is causing the “new.” Decisions that are made by others affect us. We don’t always have control over what comes our way.

We must! We must cover ourselves in the Word and Prayer! God will give us the answers we need to live a victorious “new” life.

Readers, thank you for every week reading my thoughts in this blog. I hope they are challenging and yet encouraging.

This week in worship, we begin with “How Great is Our God” that leads into “Forever Reign”. We proclaim the able-ness of God by singing “God is Able”. Even the next song, because it is played every five minutes on the radio…lol is very familiar. We sing “Reckless Love,” and then to “Grace Greater than Our Sin.” I am going to sing the song “True and Faithful One” for offertory. We sing “Come as You Are,” also known as Lay Down Your Burdens for the response time. Like always, even if you know these songs, spend some time getting prepared for worship.

See you Sunday,

Love you,


  • Nancy Crane

    Thank you for reminding us that every day is a new day and we can experience new things. God teaches us through new ways and new music that opens up to growth and a stronger relationship with him.

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