Central Focus

July 16 2018

As I read through Scripture, the word pictures, the metaphors, the description of the Lord, and of other things is just amazing to me. Trying to think in a creative mode most of the time, I will read some description that one of the authors writes in the text, and it is such a visual. When I first moved to Nashville years ago, I hooked up with this songwriter that had been very successful in his writing. The advice that he gave me about songwriting has proven to be extremely useful. He said, “Phil, paint the picture. The lyrics need to be the video in people’s mind.” Another very well-known writer and artist told me that it didn’t matter what kind of genre of music I was writing. What matters most is if when people hear the song, they walk away humming it. Both of these men’s advice were actually saying the same thing. When we catch something…really catch something, it affects our life. When Scripture uses words such as “it is like…”, or “chasing after wind”, what comes to our mind is the video. Can we chase after wind? Of course not, but our efforts in walking through this life without the dynamite of the Holy Spirit is as futile as chasing after wind. We will be about as successful with it as that.

Let me encourage you. Don’t rush past lines like this in Scripture. Ponder what “it is like” to try to do the things that Scripture paints. If we really want to have a mind set on Jesus, we have to continue to renew our mind on the Word. Jesus put it like this recorded in Matthew 16:26. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” I guess, like everything else in our walk with the Lord, it is a choice. What will we choose? More bluntly…Who will we choose to truly be the center focus of our life? Work? People? Family? Church? All of these are noteworthy and should be priority, but it is a must that Jesus Himself be the central focus of our life. Peter said “where would we go? You alone have the words of life.”

Think about it!

The youth praise band will be leading the worship this coming Sunday. Please pray for them through the rest of this week for a mighty anointing to be on them as they lead.

Love you,


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