Grateful-Part 2

August 6 2018

As we continue on the theme of gratefulness, let’s start with the One that we are to be most grateful for in this life. Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus made a choice. He had the choice whether to sacrifice Himself for the sins of the world, and to bridge the gap between God and man, or to not do what the Father asked. He prayed and prayed, and then prayed again to His Father and asked that this cup, this sacrifice, would pass by Him. And yet! He was always willing to do the will of His Father. The Father said, “Son! This is my way for You and the people that I have created.”

Just like anything else, just knowing the facts, even being saved by that fact, does not make us grateful for that fact. It comes down to what that does in our hearts and mind. What is our mindset when it comes to Jesus and His sacrifice? How do we treat the “overwhelming” love that He poured out on that cross? Are we truly grateful? Does that knowledge, and acceptance of that knowledge, guide how we honor Him with our lives?

These are hard questions. There is a Christian music publishing company that Donnie McGuire owns. It is called “takalofme”….Take all of me. In 2014, a song was written that we sing here at Wedgwood. It is titled “My Heart is Yours”. The chorus says; “my heart is Yours, my heart is Yours. Take it all, take it all, my life in Your hands”. I know my own weaknesses. I know my own hurts and struggles. There are days I want to hide away from everyone including God. And yet! The Psalmist asks a great question. “Where can I go from You?” He is the only One that I cannot run and hide from no matter what. He truly cares so much, that He pursues us passionately. We cannot be ungrateful when it comes to His relentless love. He longs for intimacy with us on a daily and continual basis.

A few weeks ago, I introduced to a Bethel song titled “Holy Ground”. We will be singing that at the very beginning of the service this Sunday. We will continue with “Waiting Here for You”. The choir will sing “There is No Other Name”. We continue with “How Great Thou Art”, and “I Surrender All”.

Okay, see you Sunday.

Love you


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    Thank you, Phil!

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      Thank you!

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