Grateful – Part 3

August 13 2018

We continue our series of gratefulness. Last week we talked about our gratefulness to and for God. This week will be concentrated on gratefulness of friends. In my definition of friends, for the purpose of this blog, does not include family members, although I know that family members can be some of our closest friends also.

Many years ago, I remember having a discussion with some dear friends of mine what a true friend is. One person said that there are not levels of friends. A person is basically an all in friend or they are not really a friend. I take more of an approach that there are levels of shallow and deep friendships. Jesus called us all friends, and yet, the intimate time that He spent with certain individuals, the access certain people had to Him while He was on earth was different. So what are we talking about when we think of being grateful for our friends?

It comes back to the same thing. Our mindset always needs to be based on Romans 12:10….giving preference to the other. Although it is probably a little corny, the acrostic of “J.O.Y.” applies even in our gratefulness. Grateful for Jesus in our mindset of Him being our first concern always. Secondly is “others” being our second concern, and then “you” of coming last in the placement. Unfortunately, we can be me first. Even one of our guiding principles here at Wedgwood is the “We” before the “Me”. This concept of our mindset will motivate us to think of others more important than ourselves.

What does your friend need? It is easy when it is what we prefer also. It is much harder to say, not me but you if it is not what we prefer. If you have not taken the 5 Love Language test online, I would suggest you do so. Get your friends to take it. What do they need to feel loved and cared for? There is a huge chance it is not what makes you feel loved and care for. Spending time with my friends and even more importantly to me is them wanting to spend time with me. Even texts throughout the day says “hey I am thinking about you!” Being grateful for friends might take a little bit more time, but it is worth it.

We are having the Lord’s Supper at the end of the service, so as a congregation we will sing a little bit less this week, but I believe that the songs “Death Was Arrested”, “Just As I Am/Broken”, and “Everything and Nothing Less” will lead us into His presence. The Praise Team will do the song “Only a Holy God”. We will sing the great song “The Stand” for the response time. For those that know music in some form, here is some useless trivia for you. All of the songs this week are in the key of A. So…I guess we will be in our “A day”….lol.

Okay, see you Sunday,

Love you


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