Grateful – Part 4

August 20 2018

Two weeks ago, we talked about the gratefulness for and to Jesus. Last week we talked about gratefulness for and to friends. This week I want to concentrate on gratefulness to family members. As we look around at our families today, we see all kinds of dynamics. Some families are so close, they basically don’t do anything apart from each other. Some families are balanced in their time with each other, and unfortunately there are families that are basically estranged from each other. This is even in the body of believers. What comes to mind when you stop to think about your family? Are they healthy in their relationships for each other? Are we grateful for each other? Are we vocal about how grateful we are to each other? For years, my sister and I just didn’t see eye to eye on most things. We started working on it. It has turned around to now, she and her husband, and sometimes even their children’s families will drive two hours to Fort Worth just to come to a service at Wedgwood. Like I mentioned last week about my love language…time!!!!!!! She could call me every day and tell me how much she loves me, but to go out of her way to come over here from Tyler for a few hours says more than I could ever put into words. Her gratefulness to me, as her brother, is fueled by sacrifice of time. That is also beyond words.

Family, no matter what, is family. We can disagree with decisions, as Jordan preached several weeks ago. We can have different preferences, and even find ourselves in the midst of conflict, and yet….family remains family. Are we grateful for the very special gift God has given to us called family?

As a family of believers, we will worship deeply this Sunday. Chris Quick will be leading us. I will be there in the congregation seeking the Father with you.

Love you

See you Sunday,


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  • Nancy Crane

    Your blog always blesses me.

    • Phil Beck

      Thank you Nancy..You are always so encouraging

  • Terri L Johnson

    Thank you, Phil. Much needed.

    • Phil Beck

      Thank you Terri. You are so encouraging.

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