Grateful – Part 5

August 27 2018

This week, talking about gratefulness, I want to expand it to our church family. If a person has been involved in a church for any length of time, terms like brother and sister, and maybe even father and mother are words used often to refer to each other. We are exhorted time and again to approach our relationships with our fellow Christians as family members. Just as we are to honor and prefer one another in our personal family, we are to do that maybe even more with our family of believers. Unfortunately, the same dynamics exist at times in our Christian family. One person may tolerate being in the same building, and maybe even the same room with another Christian, but there is no way they are going to get along, or even agree to disagree. In the church, this goes against everything that Jesus has shown us to be to each other. And yet, these broken relationships exist often.

Because they do, many times we are not grateful for our fellow Christian. Without saying it out loud, our thoughts might be something like, “this place would just be better if that person would go some other place.” Are we grateful for those Christians that don’t agree with us on how things should be done? How about biblically? Are we grateful that they are part of the family even though they might really believe something differently about a passage of Scripture than we do?

Are we grateful for the true diversity God brings together in a church?

Think about it! All of this comes down to having a grateful heart full of gratitude for the wonderful things God does and even those things that He allows.

We celebrate this weekend Labor Day. For most people, it is a day full of food, maybe rest, and sales! For me, it is the same thing I do every weekend. We will meet together as a family to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ and the incredible gift of salvation. We will go deeper in the Word as Dale speaks. We will come to His throne in worship.

We will, although have a little different instrumentation and people in worship this week. You will just have to be here to see what I am talking about. Quite candidly though, I hope that this weekend will not be an excuse to not be here to worship together.

We will start out with “Hosanna” by Paul Boloche. We will sing “King of My Heart” and Jobe’s “O the Blood”. One of the songs we started singing last year that I have come to love is “Great are You Lord” by Sons and Daughters. I found a song that is perfect to go along with the message for offertory titled “You are My Solid Rock”. For invitation we will sing “Lamb of God”. I hope to see you this weekend.

Love you,


  • Charlotte Williams

    Very wise and thought-provoking article. Challenging and yet, God honoring way of living and loving!

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