September 10 2018

Before I get into this week’s blog, I want to remind everyone what tomorrow is. September 11 obviously holds a significant place in our nation’s history. It was one of the worst days we have ever had as a nation. It is a day that was a tipping point that changed everything. September 11 is also a personal tipping point in my own life. It was the day back in the dinosaur age that I started full time ministry. I got on a plane that took me to Indiana to meet up with a band that I would travel with for one year…that led me to the next band, that led me to the next band that was my own band, that led me to cross over from an itinerate ministry to be on a church staff in Nashville, that led me to be on a staff in Sulphur Springs, that ultimately led me to be Pastor of Worship, Media, Publicity, and Communications of Wedgwood. I will celebrate that the Lord has been kind and gracious for allowing me to glorify Him through my life all of these years. It has been such an honor to be able to be used to lift the name of Jesus high.

This week begins a two-year venture for Wedgwood. Some of you that read this blog know a lot about it, and others may not have even noticed the signs hanging in the foyer. AWAKEN! AWAKEN! AWAKEN! God, awaken our hearts to a deeper place with you. Let me be transparent with all of you. I believe this entire intuitive has been born out of the heart of God. I don’t say that lightly. I hope that every single one of us will come out the other side of this looking back, and seeing what God has done in our lives personally and collectively. I am so excited for Wedgwood.

So here is the challenge! When you get to the building Sunday morning, I ask that you have prayed that God will infuse your heart and mind with His mind and heart for you personally. It is going to be incredible.

Be ready at 10:30 to start worshipping the Lord. We start with a song of surrender. “White Flag.” Then I am going to teach you a new song that we will be using for a few weeks to zero in on what AWAKEN is all about. It is titled “Let the Nations Be Glad”. The choir is singing a new Travis Cottrell song titled “The Reason”. We will sing together at the offering time with the song “All to Us”. Lastly, we will be singing one of my very favorite songs for invitation time titled “Come as You Are” by David Crowder. Lay down your burdens and come as you are.

Okay, I will see you Sunday.

Love you,


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  • Terri L Johnson

    I’m excited for this new Awakening!

    • Phil Beck

      Yes I am too Terri. This has the potential to not only deepen us individually with the Lord, but to make Wedgwood be a powerful force to effect Fort Worth, the nation, and the world. Please pray that God will grab our attention like never before. Thank you Terri for always being a joyful responder.

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