Awakening Our Hearts Part 2

September 17 2018

As we continue with AWAKEN, my prayer is that none of us will miss the real meaning and purpose behind this time. We can look at the money aspect of it, and we can think that this is a program dressed up, and that its only real purpose is to raise extra money. I don’t apologize for the money aspect of it. Recently, I actually had more of major setback financially. Part of the reason for this is that I should have purchased a new car a few years back when I was in a better financial situation, but wanted to make my goal of ten years before I purchased a new vehicle. It came to a point that my car literally would not start without 1000s of dollars spent on it to make it go again. It would have cost more than the car could be sold for or traded for. So I have had to add more financial obligation that is even a greater burden. It would not have been as hard if I had done it back a few years ago. Our building is the same. We have a building that needs major attention.

I say all of that to say this…don’t miss the personal and congregational aspect of awakening our hearts to a deeper love and devotion to the Lord. That is what this time is for. Billy Graham, including himself in this statement said, “the world has not seen what God can do through one individual that is totally 100% devoted to Him.” I hear that statement, and think about the love and devotion that Billy Graham had for Christ, the 1000s upon 1000s that are in the kingdom because of the devotion of this man. But he himself felt that he could go further. I then look at myself. I love Jesus. He truly is my breath of life, and yet, there is so much further I can go with Him. That is what this time is for.

I end with this thought. What would it be like if every individual, including 1st grade and up age wise, were to go further with their devotion and abandonment to Him and His church at Wedgwood? What would that look like?

I pray as we look back that we will see mountains that have been moved because of our abandonment to Him.

This week in our worship time, we begin with the song “Awake My Soul.” We continue with two songs that we were introduced to last week….”Let the Nations be Glad”, and “Awakening”. We will sing together the offertory song, “All to Us”. For the response time, we will sing “Be Thou My Vision”.

Okay, love you,

See you Sunday,


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