He is Everything

September 24 2018

Last week Dale talked about awakening our hearts, going further than we have ever gone before. That was good stuff, but the thought I walked away with that brings me back time and time again to Christ is that life is about Him. It is not about all the things that go on in my life. I could sit here for hours and pour out the pains of Phil’s life to you. Although I know many of you would want to hear, and might have some great wisdom, I would still be focusing on something that is less important. Jesus is what matters most in this life. Is He my ticket or is He my life? Is He truly the air I breathe or is it just an old 90s song? Is He my “everything” or am I singing empty words?

I was watching a TV show the other night, and the dying man said to the doctor, “faith is not real faith if we only believe when things are good”. I sat pondering that statement wondering if when my faith is tested as James talks about, that I stay focused on the One that matters. Of course…I am in the ministry…lol. Everything is perfect all the time…(drenched with sarcasm of course). And yet, He really is the reason I can walk knowing that I am never alone even when I feel lonely. I am never having to defend myself by myself. He is my defense. I don’t have to worry because He will supply all my needs according to His riches. I can walk through pain and sorrow, loss, and outright mistreatment knowing that the Creator of the Universe, the One that gave His life for me, the Indwelling Holy Spirit truly does have my back. WOW! That will preach!

So this coming Sunday, we are going to worship using the following songs. Like always, I hope that you will spend some time listening and getting these songs into your mind and heart.

We begin with the Rend Collective song “Build Your Kingdom Here”. We continue in worship with the song “Holy Ground” by Elevation Worship. Show us Your glory, Lord. The choir is going to lead us in worship with a song titled “The Truth Is.” For offertory the praise team and I are doing a song by Matt Maher titled “Awake My Soul (A Thousand Tongues).” For our response time, we will sing “O Come to the Altar.” Of course we will do the chorus of “Let the Nations Be Glad” that we have been singing during AWAKEN.


Love you,


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